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Working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on Aflatoxin contamination

Aflatoxin contamination

In a 'previous life', John Dada who is the Director of Fantsuam Foundation in rural Nigeria, used to be a lecturer in microbiology. His PhD looked into aflatoxin contamination of grains like maize and groundnuts. Such contamination is very significant in societies where grains are stored for some time until they are needed. Poor storage conditions can contribute to the aflatoxin contamination.

Three pieces of news in one.

Progress on the toilet block

The first piece of news that John gave us at the Dadamac meeting this week was that the toilet block in the new market in Kafanchan has been roofed! Now they are working on the doors and windows. The building which is so vital to the well being of the traders in the market, particularly the women, has one block with 7 toilets constructed from locally made compressed bricks.


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