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The daily internet challenge at Fantsuam

What a difference a place makes.

When John was in the UK some time ago, he told me that he had managed to write about seven proposals in a few weeks. In contrast the work would take weeks or months if he was working in Fantsuam in Nigeria.

It is easy to take for granted, in places where there is more or less uninterrupted electricity supply and internet access, how great is the challenge to get even the simplest things done. In Kafanchan there is rarely electricity and it is of low or fluctuating voltage which damages  equipment.

Fantsuam takes on the water and sanitation challenge with her host community

Mercy describes the latest challenge taken on by Fantsuam Foundation

Introducing communal stategies close to home

Fantsuam Foundation is the North West Zonal HQ for the Water and Sanitation Network of Nigeria, NEWSAN. Supported by UNICEF we have been involved in promoting communal hygiene in the states of Bauchi and Jigawa so we decided it was time we introduced some of the communal hygiene strategies to our host community, BayanLoco in Kafanchan.

Dadamac Internet Access Challenges

 Mercy from Fantsuam Foundation in Nigeria describes the challenges of internet access in Nigeria.

A regular Dadamac meeting

The Dadamac meeting is scheduled for 9am (GMT) every Tuesday with Pamela and Frances in the UK and the Fantsuam team in Kafanchan, via Skype.  A recent meeting is an example of what it takes to stay connected across the digital divide.

Fantsuam at the 2013 MIFOS Summit in Jaipur, India

Microfinance Open Source

Comfort Kazanka talks about attending a conference in Jaipur, India

Microfinance Open Source, MIFOS, an initiative of the Grameen Foundation, is the financial software produced for the microfinance industry. The software provides key functionality for financial inclusion providers, client management, portfolio management, loan repayment tracking, fee and savings transactions, accounting, internal control, and reporting.


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