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Launching our discussion forum

We have launched our discussion forum. Now it will be easy for people to join in discussions here. Now can gradually become an active online space for the growing Dadamac community.

To join in all you have to do is go to the discussion forum link choose the discussion topic that interests you and add any comments you like. You can reach the discussion forum link from any page; it is under the heading "get involved".

Joining in with the dadamac community

The idea of is that is should be an "online home/office/clubroom/study-space/whatever-we-need" for the growing dadamac community (which welcomes newcomers). We started off by "preparing the reception area" i.e. the home page and such like (this area needs more work - fewer words, more pictures -  but is well under way).

Meetings: Skype or Yahoo?

When Dadamac started to have regular UK-Nigeria team meetings we used Yahoo. (It was the natural choice, because people in the team already knew Yahoo and had Yahoo IDs.) Then we had problems with the reliability of Yahoo and moved over to Skype instead. (By then some people were using - or trying to use - Skype for transnational voice chats, so the interface was not completely unfamiliar.) This week, when we gathered at our various locations ready for our online session, Skype had a glitch, which seriously interupted the business of the meeting.

Planning Dadamac Day

This week we had the first planning and practice meeting for Dadamac Day (DD).  The DD team, Chollom and Alheri (in Nigeria) and Nikki and Pam (in UK), e-met through one of Dadamac's usual typed Skype conferences.

Date, time and place.

The date and time are agreed -Saturday November 7th 10:00 GMT, 11:00 Nigerian time, 13:00 East Africa Time.

Foundation, furniture and photos

In rural Nigeria when you need new furniture you don't go online or pop  Making a tableround to the nearest Ikea for a flat-pack. You employ a local carpenter to buy some wood and make the furniture that you need.

The Knowledge Resource Centre was in need of furniture it could call its own, and this was mentioned at a recent UK-Nigeria team meeting.

New Foundations for Hiv/Aids and Rural Connectivity at Fantsuam

Thanks to VSO volunteer Cicely for this news from our partner organisation Fantsuam foundation.

This week Fantsuam has started work on three new construction projects at its Bayan Loco compound in Kafanchan, Kaduna State.


Fantsuam partner ICAP will be providing food items as part of its nutritional support programme for people living with HIV/AIDS.  The new store will ensure that supplies are kept fresh and secure for maximum benefits to recipients.  It is also intended that the store will serve as a pilot for grain storage programmes to help agricultural microfinance clients make better use of seasonal fluctuations by storing produce when prices are high, rather than selling all when the market is depressed.

Dadamac Foundation and Dadamac Limited - the Connection

We have been asked to explain the relationship between Dadamac Foundation and Dadamac Limited. It is causing some confusion for people who think it must be like the relationship between, for instance, Ford and the Ford Foundation or Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (i.e step one: become a great commercial success; step two: share the resulting financial wealth through philanthropy). Dadamac is very different. We didn't start on the commercial side and then create the foundation. We started with our voluntary work and are now at the start of building our commercial operation (Dadamac Limited). We don't have financial wealth; our wealth is harder to quantify. We have a considerable amount of social capital and a wealth of knowledge and information, built up through years of voluntary work.

The various faces of Dadamac

We are creating an online presence under one brand name – Dadamac – which brings together

First Thursdays

Thanks to Andrius Kulikauskas and Minciu Sodas, Pamela McLean is usually “at home” (on the Internet) once a month, logged in for an hour, and wondering if any of her contacts will arrive for a catch-up chat (or to discuss some topic that has been agreed before-hand).


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