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From local to global

John writes:

Taking the reality of rural Kafanchan across the world

The Fantsuam Foundation team that attends national and global events always has to justify and clarify its presence and participation at these events. Whether we are in Lagos, Abuja, Melbourne, Johannesburg or London we carry in our head the realities of a different world and sometimes we struggle to make sense of that world outside our rural constituency in BayanLoco, Kafanchan.

The daily internet challenge at Fantsuam

What a difference a place makes.

When John was in the UK some time ago, he told me that he had managed to write about seven proposals in a few weeks. In contrast the work would take weeks or months if he was working in Fantsuam in Nigeria.

It is easy to take for granted, in places where there is more or less uninterrupted electricity supply and internet access, how great is the challenge to get even the simplest things done. In Kafanchan there is rarely electricity and it is of low or fluctuating voltage which damages  equipment.


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