Andrius - Links ref collaborating, communicating, rubbing minds.

I shared these links in a recent Skype call to Andrius Kulikauskas. He's my informal studies supervisor. He's interested in what I'm thinking related to what I'm doing. We try to meet online about once a week. It'll be useful to have these links easily to hand here for my own reference and to share with others.

The links all relate to my interests in collaboration, learning-by-doing, and people learning from each other (especially from different perspectives). They are things I'm actively involved in which have taken some of my time over the last few weeks.

Discussing things with Andrius is good because he likes to keep me focussed, but not in a small. narrow way. He reminded me of the questions he has extracted from our previous discussions, and the one he thinks is my big question: How do we learn to collaborate? I.e. How do we imagine ways to collaborate on terribly complex issues of the 21st century using the communications technology available in the 21st century?

We discussed issues of effective communication, because collaboration is impossible unless we learn to communicate with each other. It's hard enough when we belong in the same family, or culture, or silo of some kind. It's much harder when, through the Internet, we belong in more of a global culture. It's a big challenge to address complex issues, bringing together many different perspectives.

We are both drawn to pattern language as a way to share experiences and knowledge.