Age Demands Action in Kafanchan

World Health Day celebrations

 Fantsuam celebrated World Health Day by inviting some of the Kakas, the elderly grandparents whom it supports, to a discussion on health matters over lunch. Mercy, Fantsuam’s communications officer, was fully occupied in making all the logistical arrangements including providing transport and lunch to make the day a success. The theme for this year’s World Health day was vector borne diseases and the Kakas learned about two diseases which were particularly relevant to their community - malaria and river blindness. The Government needs to be aware of the needs of the elderly when considering measures to address these diseases.

Letter to the  Nigerian Labour Congress

In addition to the discussion, Fantsuam provided feed-back to the Kakas about a letter which had been written to the Kaduna State Governor about services to older people. As a follow-up it it was agreed that a letter should be written to the Nigerian Labour Congress to push this agenda forward. Fantsuam recommends, among other things, that there should be designated care for the elderly in government hospitals and nurses should be given appropriate training in this field. The elderly should not have to join the regular queue at the hospital but be given priority because of their age and frailty.

Support from HelpAged international

The efforts of Fantsuam to raise the profile and needs of older people have been supported by HelpAged International who sent two representatives to meet some of the Kakas.

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