Thursday ha-ha - will you be one of the one hundred?

Don't miss the chance to be included on Thursday September 26th. We know this works on a smaller scale - but will it work with 100? This is what you'll be joining:

  • 100 people go online for one hour
  • We have $1,000 to allocate - but only one hour to decide.
  • The question is "What is the greatest social impact we can produce this coming week with the money available?
  • Ideas on how to spend the money come from the 100 people.
  • So you could get the $1,000 to implement your own idea.
  • Certainly your opinion will influence where the money goes.
  • So - ideas on the table.
  • Then we have to choose.
  • We race against the clock
  • Comments are made -  Ideas rise and fall, they change shape, some cluster together, some drop out, some are only suggested at the last moment. It's all very fluid and dynamic.
  • The objective is consensus to enable action.
  • Can we all agree on the one and only best idea?
  • If so, that idea gets the money.
  • We unanimously allocate $1,000 to the best idea that can make a positive difference within one week.
  • Whew. The hour is over and the money allocated.
  • Then the "owner of the idea" and those who've volunteered to help implement it get together online to work out the practicalities.
  • The rest of us go away, looking forward to an update in a weeks time.
  • We've each  put in an hour of our time, and probably $10 of our money (just over £6.00) and we've influenced how $1,000 will be spent for social good in the next seven days.

Do join in. How else can you do something so worthwhile, and such fun in just one hour and for just over £6.00? (There are a few free places, but the money that we are allocating is the money that we put on the table, so we do need the $10 donations from 100 people). 

If we get less than 100 people the ha-ha will still happen - but it will be more fun, and more impactful with 100 of us.

Be a leader

We know most people don't commit until the last minute. If you are an innovative. ahead-of-the-crowd kind of person please get in early, and sign up. Fourth ha-ha trial, Pegasus. You'll encourage others, people who lack the confidence to join until they know that others have already decided.

Please share the invitation.

It's fun, it's innovative, it's a chance to make something worthwhile happen. The leaders - David Pinto and Simon Paul Sutton - have already gone way out taking risks to make this happen. It could be massive if it catches on. Will it happen? Will there be a hundred people this week? Will there be thousands in the future?

Without you it might not happen. Join us. Go to Fourth ha-ha trial, Pegasus for full details, to sign in, and to put your $10 on the table. Mine is there. Please tell others.