PEI #scienceAfrica UnConference - Enjoy the highlights

Last week I blogged enthusiastically about the PEI #scienceAfrica UnConference - Appreciating PEI's "Africa's Scientific Independence"

Now the highlights are avaliable - excellently done as a Prezi with embedded video clips. I'll copy some of the announcment below to give you the links and a flavour of the day:  

It was a fantastic day to explore scientific development in Africa, and we were delighted with the mix of people we gathered to share their thoughts.
Having looked back through the material, although there were an enormous range of issues discussed, five key themes emerged:  
    • Africa needs to own its science agenda
    •  Governments need to step up
    • Science needs to be recognised and celebrated in Africa
    • Technology must be central to future plans
    • International partnerships must be genuine and collaborative
We've expanded these themes and included a number of other quotes and points made on the day in our roundup, which also includes the videos from the day. View it here and let us know your thoughts! (Can't view it? Get in touch)
Both the video shown and the opening and the highlights video are now uploaded to watch on our site, and you can read a useful review of the day from our partners, as well as a podcast interview with Lord Boateng on the day.
As we said last week, the PEI is here to promote and celebrate science, and work with partners to help drive the agenda in the years to come. If your organisation wants to work with us you can become a member of our PEI Partners Forum, and we welcome ideas or suggestions for future programmes.
We want to take our #ScienceAfrica series across the continent. If you want to be involved, get in touch!
This was from the PEI Team. Follow them on @PlanetEarthInst