Family Planning at Fantsuam Foundation

USAID funds training

Staff from the clinic at Fantsuam took part in training funded by USAID to provide family planning advice in their community. Training is provided in three methods of family planning – intra-uterine devices (IUDs), implants in the arm and the contraceptive pill. 

Encouraging response

Following the staff training, Fantsuam was able to give the first thirty seven women free treatment and for subsequent patients, the advice and treatment is given at an affordable price. Although the staff training only took place at the end of May, forty one women have already attended the clinic and other women are making enquiries. The service has been advertised in community meetings and other organisations with whom Fantsuam already networks. There are other clinics in and around the town of Kafanchan but Fantsuam runs the only clinic in Bayan Loco, the village where Fantsuam is situated and also serves about three other villages nearby.

 Growing awareness

Although family planning has been available before in Nigeria, this programme is a more systematic attempt to provide family planning information and advice from a local base and it is hoped that word will get around as more women use the service.


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