Three pieces of news in one.

Progress on the toilet block

The first piece of news that John gave us at the Dadamac meeting this week was that the toilet block in the new market in Kafanchan has been roofed! Now they are working on the doors and windows. The building which is so vital to the well being of the traders in the market, particularly the women, has one block with 7 toilets constructed from locally made compressed bricks.

More value for the money

The project has been funded by the Kitchen Table Trust and the American Embassy. The further news is that although the money was given by the two organisations to build six toillets the money has been 'stretched' to build seven! It is heartening to hear that the money from these two donors has 'bought' even more than anticipated. This is the second piece of news.

Repaying Trust

While the work has been progressing, the Market Chief and the Council are at the work site daily to inspect the work and support it. The Council is a voluntary assocaition of traders and the completion of the block is in the interests of their members. Because the Council understand that Fantsuam Foundation is not making money from the project and all the necessary documentation has been completed and the permissions given, the Council ensure that no officials can attempt to extract any bribes for themselves or hold up the work. This is the third piece of news - that there is trust among stake holders in this local project so that corruption and inefficiency cannot effect the outcome. In this way the trust of the funders is repaid and provides the third piece of news.

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