The Great Cauldron of Story and the Landscape of Change

I've been listening appreciatively to The Great Cauldron of Story - and why fairy tales are for adults again (guided there by a couple of my co-explorers in the Landscape of Change). In addition to the podcast there is a quick, visual representation overview of some key ideas in Sketchnotes: Maria Tatar on Fairy Tales and the Going Back to the Fireside

In Section 9 - All kinds of people needed in What's the Good of Landscape of Change? I wrote:

In the artistic area I see artists - musicians, visual artists, storytellers, dramatists and more, creating artistic expressions of the Landscape of Change.

I see collaborations betwen the practical pioneers and the artists. Together I think they can help us all to imagine what the Landscape of Change may be, and how each of us might become someone different in this new landscape.

I see the artists creating a new mythology situated in that landscape, one peopled with heroes, villains and various supporting characters that we can consider as roles models. That way we don't have to invent it all for ourselves. Instead, like a child slipping into a superhero or Disney character costume, we can explore new options and roles in our imaginations and through creative expression. We can prepare ourselves and each other before we have to travel too far into the unknown.

I appreciate what Maria Tater is saying because it helps to explain why I wrote what I did about artists of all kinds and the importance of story telling.

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