News from Ago-Are

John Dada joined us briefly in this week’s UK-Nigeria meeting as his connectivity was patchy.

However, he was able to suggest that the information that I have collected about high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels should be sent to Fantsuam via Linus the engineer who is in London working with City University to design a machine/process which will turn the waste plastic from around Fantsuam Foundation into plastic tiles. Linus arrived in the UK nearly a month ago and half of his suitcase was full of samples of the waste plastic that surrounds Fantsuam and is infact a serious national problem for Nigeria. It now looks as if his suitcase home will contain informative health leaflets and hopefully some colostomy bags if I can find a kind company to donate some! A few week’s ago John told us of a young man who had to have a colostomy (presumably to save his life?) but is now unable to afford the restorative surgery. He also is struggling to afford the colostomy bags. These are presumably vital to his health in order to reduce the risk of infection and the social/psychological problems of leaking fecal matter bad enough in any country but the heat of Nigeria one would imagine is unbearable.

Pamela was also able to give us an update about the Dadamac outpost in Ago-Are.
Earlier in the week she had caught up with the manager Fola in a google chat.
Pamela explained that she was able to give appreciation for the video of the 10th anniversary of Peter’s death. She learnt that he video is still in Ago-Are. However, it was transferred from tape to CD by someone in Ekiti. Pastor David has the CD. The challenge now is to find some way to get the video out of Ago-Are, either on a second CD or via uploading.

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