Lab update & other news

It has been over a week now since Linus the local engineer from Fantsuam arrived in London. Together with TechDev and Comic Relief he is working with the University to see how the local Nigerian waste plastic can be turned into plastic tiles. Linus will be working alongside the University team for two months and during our weekly online meeting with John Dada John told us that he is planning to visit Linus’ family in Jos to update them and to check that all’s well with them as they will be missing Linus. The UK team are also hoping to catch up with Linus during his time here in London. John Dada also recently told us about the plight of a young man who desperately needs colostomy bags so we are hoping to see if we can find an organisation who can donate some which Linus can then bring back to Nigeria.

Following on from the previous week’s blog John told us that he was at the market chief's office last week, to discuss the issue of new toilets at the market, but he was out of town. John also met the Head of Health at the Local Government and she promised to visit Fantsuam Foundation this week but as yet she hasn't shown up.

John went on to say that the new diagnostic laboratory has not been able to take-off as hoped because their US partners Michigan University quite rightly insist that the Government needed to show more commitment to the project as a sustainability strategy. Michigan University representatives actually visited the State Ministry of Health several months ago , and had all sorts of promises, most of which have not been fulfilled.
However, John informed us the laboratory infrastructure is in place and it is his hope that it will resume some work in the new year. In the meantime, Fantsuam still provides vital sickle cell treatment at their clinic.

John gave us the following update about FastTractor: “The tractor is doing some work, far less than it will do when the harvests start. But at least we are keeping the batteries warm, and we have enough to pay the tractor driver and his assistant”.

As reported last week John confirmed that Fantsuam Foundation have started work on their 2013 budget. This will be a prelude to a review of our strategic plan and budget as well as building a legacy at FF.

The photo above shows the interior of the diagnostic laboratory.