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If you were to look back over the past four years my blogs which record and capture a very small aspect of Fantsuam Foundation life as discussed during the weekly meeting. Sometimes it is hard to picture the on the ground realities which make up the daily struggles of FF and it’s host community. As John reminded us when we asked routinely how things were he said “We never lack the heart-rendering at this end "

So although we always have positive news and achievements to share please remember it is even more impressive as this is against a continual backdrop of real ongoing hardship which can easily be forgotten and overlooked as we share the successes.

John Dada explained Fantsuam Foundation had written to the Local Government requesting their partnership so they can construct and manage toilets in the new market.
John added that nearly a year after the markets were set up, no provision has been made for toilets.

Although it looks like the local officials will award the construction of the toilets to their ‘preferred’ partners John’s experienced hunch is that he is pretty sure no provision will have been made for its management: cleaning, maintenance. So he believes there is still an important role for FF to play. Luckily the Market Chief agrees and is happy to work with FF as he recognises their approach is more sustainable than the Local Government. John said that he will be seeing the Market Chief again after our meeting.

Fantsuam’s proposal was that this was should be a sustainable small business, a pay-as-U-Use system. Their design being the Sulabh compost system, which is odour-free, and no contamination of underground water sources, processing of the waste for biogas and manure etc

Sulabh is an international-award winning low cost compost toilet. FF believe they may be introducing it here(rural Nigeria) for the first time.

Other news in brief:

  • Fantsuam Foundation will be starting work on their 2013 budget tomorrow at the weekly PMT (Project Monitoring Team) meeting of heads of projects.
  • Fast Tractor update
  • Care of Elderly update: Following our meeting John emailed photos of the meeting with the Kakas ( grandmothers) as seen above.
  • Comfort despite her retirement due to poor health continues to support John and has been busy sorting logistics for the ESSPIN and PATHS staff.
  • John reported that Linus has arrived safely in London for the Devtec/Comedy relief/Fantsuam recycling plastic project.
  • "WE had the Muslim festival in Kafanchan at the weekend: it was peaceful: this time last year, it was indeed a war zone."
  • John informed us of a restructuring that FF are currently undergoing: They are moving the Care of the Elderly and Child Protection services into a unit called Social Protection. This cover all the previous work with Orphans and Vulnerable children, rescuing children in danger ref witchcraft, and KAKA's and feeding the Muslim street children. John reported that “There are no funds for the Social protection work, it doesn’t seem to be on the funders priorities”


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