Care of the Elderly

John Dada, of Fantsuam Foundation, Nigeria was recently asked to contribute to a Pension watch blog. Below is his contribution.

In May 2012, the Governor of Ekiti State flagged off the second batch of elderly citizens who receive a monthly stipend, bringing the total to 20,000 ( Each of the elderly citizens are entitled to N5000 (about US$33.00) every month.

The State Commissioner for Labour, Productivity and Human Capital Development, said observed that many states of the Federation are already approaching his ministry to learn and adopt the scheme. The Ekiti State Social Security for the Aged may well be the first of its type in Nigeria.

The neighbouring state of Osun has also announced this month, August 2012, the provision of a monthly stipend of N20,000 (about US66.00) to each of 1,602 elderly persons.

These cheerful news from Ekiti and Osun State may herald the dawn of healthy competition between states in the provision of social protection for its elderly citizens. Throughout Nigeria, the family still accounts for a large proportion of the support received by the elderly. However, with increased impoverishment of the populace, such support are increasingly irregular and inadequate. Even in such progressive states as Ekiti, the elderly are yet to be assured full protection from retrogressive cultural beliefs.

On June 30th, 2012 a 70 year-old woman was allegedly beaten to death on witchcraft accusation Hopefully such incidences will die out as the Ekiti and Osun State Governments build on their vision of security and equity for all, and especially for the elderly.

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