Future Planning at Fantsuam

The week’s UK-Nigeria meeting took the form of a typed discussion between John Dada and Pamela McLean. Organisational transparency was the theme of the day and centered around the story of the Fast Tractor acquisition plus future plans for the Attachab site.

John told us: “The Tractor Committee has employed a full-time driver.... and he has an assistant. The driver is well-known among the communities, so he will also double up as marketing person, while Osbert - a member of the Tractor team - will handle the payments etc.”

Photos play an important part in telling the Fantsuam Foundation story. Much time has been spent locally developing photographic skills. Previous Dadamac projects have contributed towards this and have helped with the provision of cameras.

However, cameras in Nigeria tend not always to last forever, with many ending up lost, stolen or broken due to the dusty, hot climate. John explained that there is currently just one camera which is working and is - understandably - in great demand. Although John’s workload is heavy, he explained that it is actually easier and quicker for him to take and send the photos himself, rather than take staff away from their assignments. In the long term, once staffing levels return to the levels seen prior to the post-electoral troubles, this should happily cease to be a consideration.