Aftermath of sectarian crisis still being felt.

"The full impact of the sectarian crisis that swept through some communities of southern Kaduna, is just beginning to be felt. The rows of burnt homes, businesses vehicles still litter the streets. Food security in homes has been severely affected. Children are unable to go to school because parents cannot pay their fees; the elderly and other vulnerable members of the population are most hard hit by the lack of shelter, food, medicines".

 THe above words are taken from the presentation that John Dada was making on  behalf of the Southern Kaduna NGO Forum to the Kafanchan Peace and Reconciliation Committee. As a result he was unable to be in two places at once so sent his apologies for this week's UK-Nigeria meeting.

However, he was still able to send the team the following updates:

The Kafanchan Solar Club will have its first meeting tomorrow at 4.00pm. They will decide what they'd like to focus on: building 60Watts solar panels or building solar chargers. John went on to say that he had been trying to send photo’s of the club training activities but that their bandwidth restrictions had prevented large files being sent but that he would keep trying.

Attachab: Fantsuam are still to put the ‘finishing touches’ to the solar pump and to the classrooms but then the second training phase will be ready to be implementated.

Staff changes at Fantsuam.
The effects of the post -election turmoil are still being felt. There is a downturn in the Kafanchan economy following the insecurity of recent months. This has had a knock on effect on Fantsuam Foundation and means that people are unable to pay for their medicines or training. John informs us that
“In all we are having to think out of the box and look for solutions to the worsening economic fortunes of our host communities. We are looking at getting a leaner team in response to our reduced financial resources” For example vacant posts are not being filled and it was reported that “One of the members of our Board of Directors has offered to work in some of the Gaiya and admin vacancies”

Grains for Easter
This weekend, Fantsuam will be distributing the grains which they purchased with funds donated by Friends of Nigeria.

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