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Wednesday’s UK-Nigeria meeting proved as varied as ever. John Dada explained that Fantsuam Foundation’s Community Health Centres projects, called PATH2 will take off this month as soon as FF have been able negotiate the contributions to FF's administrative costs.

John also updated about NEWSAN, the Network for Water and Sanitation, Nigeria. FF is a zonal head quarters and Emma with Ayuba will be attending an advocacy training next week in Abuja. John went on to inform us that It is being hosted by WaterAid to assist Community Based Organisations (CBOs) to negotiate effectively with Government on implementation of Water Policies

It was exciting to learn that Items to be used for the solar training by the diaspora team from Minnesota have arrived Abuja and will be collected by the Fantsuam team on Saturday 10th March. The Solar training will start on 18th March, and solar lights installation in the children's ward of the Kafanchan General Hospital is expected to start 21st March. Fantsuam are expecting five people from Minnesota.

We were also pleased to invite a guest to attend this week’s meeting. He is looking to support some work in Uganda and was looking for some advice. During our online ‘chat’ it became clear that many of the challenges that John Dada and his team face and similar to those faced by this Ugandan community.Non Violent Conflict Resolution and on-going struggles to secure funding were the main focus of our discussion. The photo above shows the Almajari children which Fantsuam Foundation feed as part of their vulnerable children and also conflict resolution programmes.

Lastly, John and Fantsuam together with Ron Dennis, City University and Comic relief are in the last stages of finalising the details of the anticipated recycling plastic project.

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