A week's news in brief

During this week’s UK-Nigeria meeting we covered a variety of topics ranging from waste plastic recycling to water and sanitation and e-learning.

Below are the summaries of these varied discussions!

  • John Dada informed us that the NEWSAN steering committee meeting went well and “Fantsuam Foundation is now headquarters for six states advocacy activities.” John went on to explain that: “ The advocacy is to improve citizens voice in budgetary and project implementation processes”.
  • Diagnostic Laboratory: Michigan State Uni sent some more equipments for Zipak Lab. The plan is that the laboratory will become operational by March.
  • Comic Relief and the recycling plastic project : Having successfully reached the last stage a risk assessment is currently underway. John reminded us that the French and American Embassies have resumed their support of FF and it seems that at last it is ‘business as usual’.
  • The Friends of Nigeria: John informed us that FON were keen to support the grains and silos purchase as Fantsuam prepare for the hunger months and although a final decision has yet to be made FF have had to start the grains purchase and placed orders for the silos.
  • Ayuba's meeting went very well (see previous blog)The funders are not ready to work in Kafanchan just yet, but FF have decided to continue with their children's eLearning platform program.
  • VSO : John and Ayuba were leaving after this meeting to travel to Abuja as they had been invited to attend VSO’s annual program review meeting.
  • PATHS (Partnerships for Transforming Heath Systems in Nigeria) Comfort was unable to attend the UK-Nigeria meeting as she was in Kaduna for a 2 day meeting with DFID and Kaduna State Government officials about the PATHS program.


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