E-readers and rural Nigeria

This week’s weekly UK-Nigeria meeting resulted in an interesting discussion with John Dada and the team about primary education and ICT4D. Pamela McLean fed back to the team that Tim Unwin posted in ICT4D World Innovation Summit for Education

The team is currently exploring WorldReader - an eLearning tool that introduces eBooks to school children. It is being piloted in Ghana, but not yet in Nigeria. Fantsuam Foundation together with Dadamac has started a dialogue with Worldreader which is in its very early stages.

The Worldreader project is large scale and a challenge for us is to see what scale a pilot project around Fantsuam should be.

John Dada suggests that we consider two local schools in Kafanchan, Fola's Dadamac Outpost in Ago Are as well as the Knowledge Resource Center. The two schools that John suggested as a pilot are Mamuda which is opposite FF  with around 300 children and the Ungwa Masara Primary School with 250. In both schools the pupils ages range between 4-14 years.

Photo from Fola , Dadamac outpost Ago-Are, shows a pupil being helped by a teacher with their corrections.

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