Weekly update

John Dada in his typically understated manner told us during our usual Wednesday online meeting that: “Not much going on around here today except.........

  • “The ongoing ESSPIN and PATH2 projects
  • Today we start the HIV Peer educators project, and HelpAge International would like us to collect [the] "voice" of my grandmothers (Kakas) as an input into the UN Review of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing and its Political Declaration, MIPAA.
  • We are also expecting a team from the American Embassy: the Humanitarian Assistance Team they want to become familiarized with the Fantsuam Foundation and the local area. They are also looking at potential locations for a Medical Civic Assistance Program next year.
  • You will also recall that the French Embassy suspended release for their support for the Attachab project in the wake of the Kafanchan crises. They called us to say they would like to reactivate the project.
  • The biggest news this week is that we now have a new bandwidth provider. We have been hooked up to it for about a week now, and it appears stable”

In addition to the above John told us that Fantsuam Foundation had submitted its proposal for The Access to Learning Award. John explained that the submission was largely focused on FF’s current use of the Knowledge Resource Center, and the efforts at promoting more access for people with disabilities.The photo above shows some partially sighted pupils/trainers at FF using the JAWS software.

The team discussed the approaching of Global Handwashing Day which comes up on Saturday 15th Oct. It is a day to make people aware of the importance of handwashing. Emmanuel Waje explained “There are activities lined up for the Global Hand washing day which include primary school competition on the importance of hand washing, radio & TV jingles, visit to the Governor and other stake holders to emphasise the importance of sanitation & hand washing with soap”.

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