Education in rural Nigeria

This week’s online UK-Nigeria meeting was brief and to the point with Fantsuam Foundation busy getting ready to host a Community Volunteers meeting later in the day at the Fishfarm.
During our 45 minute skype typed meeting John Dada informed us that:

  • He had heard from Fola and he had safely received the second payment to buy an inverter for the new Dadamac outpost at Ago-Are (as seen above).
  • Bala was in Abuja to get a Kenyan visa to enable him attend next week’s Internet Governance Forum, IGF.
  • Emma was also in Abuja for a training on Human Rights for people living with HIV/AIDSPam Mclean was in Newcastle attending Connected Communities Symposium sent her apologies. However she was able to come online and see the transcript of the meeting just as the meeting was ending.

John informed us that Fantsuam Foundation have an ESSPIN review meeting this week: John will be going back to the communities to find out what progress and challenges they have had about the implementation of the School management Committees approach.
He also updated us that the second DIFD project called PATH, to support local Health Facility Committees, takes off next week and will come to an end by October
ohn Dada:
Comfort gave us her feedback from the previous ESSPIN meeting that she had attended in Abuja- the summary being that community based organizations should begin to work with media. Subsequently a follow up meeting has been planned for community based organizations and the Media to meet and share ideas.

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