Update about the Almari 'Street Children'.

This is the latest report from Frances - which further illustrates the support that Fantsuam Foundation offers its disadvantaged and diverse community.

Last Friday we ( Frances the author and John) went to visit the Almajari  who are being supported by Fantsuam Foundation.

Almajari are young boys who leave their families to live with a mallam or teacher. They support themselves by seeking alms of money and food around the town and  live with the mallam's family in his compound and receive a religious education there. There may be  differing views within the  community about whether it is right for young boys to live in this way but Fantsuam feels that they have to help the boys in the situation in which they find themselves. Some of the boys may come from families who live far away as in this case the Mallam comes from Kano which is much further to the north.

On  a Thursday the manager of Fantsuam's domestic staff takes food including beans, guinea corn, rice and fish to the Mallam's wives for them to prepare food for the boys on Friday so that at least on one day of the week they will be well fed with three meals.

When we went to the compound John met the Mallam whom he had visited before and I was introduced to three of his four wives. Around the Mallam were his disciples who are young men who have previously been almajari but are now self supporting.  I was able to take photos of everyone including the young boys.  

John is wondering how Fantsuam can improve on the help and do something to provide better educational opportunities for the Almajari.