A farewell to 2010

Wednesday saw the last UK-Nigeria core team meeting of the year and it was a good opportunity to catch up with the latest from Fantsuam Foundation. (However, it was agreed that there would be a Directors meeting on December 22nd, which duly took place)

The next UK-Nigeria Team meeting has been arranged for Wednesday, January 5th 2011, followed the next day by the First Thursday meeting of the year on the 6th.

Now back to the last full team meeting of the year.........

Pam joined us online from the  ICTD 2010 conference. It was quite something to think that a rural community in Nigeria was able to hear in real time what was happening at a conference in the British capital. My hope is that next time FF will be at the centre of such a conference as their valuable experience and insight could offer much to the debate about development and ICT. We look forward to seeing a link to the keynote speech from the conference when this is available.

Sickle Cell update: We were told that Ladi was not at our team meeting as she was on her way to Abuja to collect additional Sickle Cell results.
The roofing and plaster works have been completed on the new laboratory. Work on the ceiling should also be under way from tomorrow (Thursday). Power trunk lines have been laid, and FF have purchased the back-up batteries for the lab. A rep from Michigan State University visited FF last week to see progress on the site, and gave assurances that the equipment will follow.

John was able to give us the latest news about the Community Health Committees: There are now three registered communities: Takau, Zipak and Madakiya. John is planning to meet them in the new year. FF’s strategy is to work with a few CHC’s, learn some lessons, and then roll out to more communities.

The FF 2010 report was made available during our meeting.

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