Fantsuam Foundation Annual Report 2010


Executive Summary – JOHN DADA (CEO)

Through the commitment and dedication of staff, volunteers, partner organisations and donors, Fantsuam Foundation has this year continued its journey towards its vision of becoming the most effective model of rural development in West Africa. Our integrated approach is enabling us to continue improving on the level of impact and change we have on individual beneficiary's life, e.g. an OVC client benefiting from psycho-social support as well as being supported to develop a secure livelihood through BDS training and a loan to get started in business. Organizationally we have also continued to implement our comprehensive Organizational Development plan, making great strides in strengthening the capacity of our staff and volunteers, our systems, processes and procedures to enable more effective and efficient working.

We believe that Fantsuam’s integrated suite of programmes is crucial to our effectiveness in eliminating poverty and disadvantage. Our combined focus on Sustainable Livelihoods, Health and Education has evolved from Fantsuam’s ability to recognize and respond to the needs of its beneficiary communities. Fantusam also believes in focusing on the most disadvantaged and providing them with sustainable options for the future, and this in keeping with our integrated approach has lead to a focus on disability and Markets.

This year Fantsuam started focusing on disability inclusion within all the program areas. This started with the first blind training in the ICT academy, the BDS training given under the OVC program supported by USAID and working in collaboration with the rehabilitation Centre in Kafanchan. This has resulted in Fantsuam undertaking a disability audit in rural communities to enable us better understand the challenges they face in relation to farming, nutrition and food security.

Fantsuam has begun mainstreaming a markets / research based approach to support the secured livelihood for farmers, processors and OVC's. This is a clear new direction supported by VSO. Fantsuam is committed towards ensuring the sustainability of its secure livelihood program area.


  • Recorded a reduction in death as a result of HIV/AIDs reduced to 3 from 5 last year.
  • Providing support this year to 195 OVC's from 150 in 2009.
  • Reduced defaulting rate from 16 in previous year to 3 this year as a result of constant monitoring and provision of additional incentives.
  • Uninterrupted provision of 3 main services to OVC's this year – educational ,nutritional and medical/psychosocial support.
  • Providing support this year to 195 OVC's from 150 in 2009.
  • Reduced defaulting rate from 16 in previous year to 3 this year as a result of constant monitoring and provision of additional incentives.nutritional and medical/psychosocial support.
  • Rescued negatively labeled, highly at risk child from Samaru. Enrolled him into school, linked him to safe shelter where he will be provided mentoring by a member of Fantsuam Foundation children’s parliament. Please recall, Fantsuam Foundation children parliament advocates strongly against child abuse/negative labeling of children.
  • Erection of new Office building for the department through funding from US embassy.
  • Secured a VSO volunteer to work as a small business advisor for our OVC. Key objective is to help them establish small businesses for sustainable livelihood.
  • VSO has provided small research grant of =N=99,250 for background research work.


  • Collaboration with College of Nursing to situate hotspot equipment for wider coverage of Kafanchan.
  • Connection of PPGE (Premier Parks and Garden Enterprise) in Madakiya.
  • Fantsuam Foundation’s ICIP (Inveneo Certified ICT Partner) status has been upgraded from “Installer” to “multi-site installer” on the Inveneo website following an interview with the Inveneo Business Support Manager.
  • Fantsuam also recognized by Inveneo as one of its successful ICIP partners.
  • Zittnet has had challenges in securing outstanding balance of USPF funding for the CCC of =N= 3.4 Million.
  • Increased Usage of Learning Tools within the Academy.
  • Re-activated Children's Learning program with initial support from Oneworld UK using Learning About Living curriculum. Based on FLHE (Family Life for Health Education) curriculum approved by Ministry of Health and Education.
  • Migration of Certificate and Diploma Learning Content to DOKEOS E-learning platform, ensuring consistency in course delivery.
  • Clear focus on instructor capacity building and improvement of course delivery approaches, e-learning methods.
  • Full collaboration with ZITTNET to ensure full participation of students in practical activities and solving real life problems.
  • Deployment of LMS (Library management Software) for the KRC.


  • Commencement of SAFE II. This is the continuation of SAFE 1 (Support and Access to Family planning Extended). This phase aims to ensure the Sustainability of the program. Support for the project is expected to end in August 2011. This program has been funded by PFD in collaboration with Packard Foundation.
  • Sickle Cell awareness program records a total of 4700 children who were tested during the pilot phase of the awareness campaign.
  • Increase in family planning clients to over 3,000. This has been as a result of advocacy visits to the communities.
  • Continued support from Community leaders.
  • Increased fund raising and resource mobilation.


  • VSO secures MIS project manager for MIFOS project. 
  • Deployment of MIFOS for effective management and use of information.
  • Total loans Disbursed =N= 42,089,560
  • Total Active Clients to date: 1,144
  • MFI team have had challenges with recoveries during later part of the year
  • Fantsuam Recognized as 1st in Nigeria to deploy MIFOS.
  • Selected as a pilot centre for Progress out of Poverty Index for MIFOS Users, this will help us understand the extent to which our micro-finance initiative is successful at reducing / eliminating poverty with the use of MIFOS. 
  • Fantsuam won a matched funding bid to provide BDS training as part of the World Bank MSME Rice Value chain project in Kaduna state. We are expected to train 200 beneficiaries on pre-loan training, business planning, NAEC / BDS in a 6 month period ending in February 2011.


  • 109 Kakas continue to receive monthly stipend, free medical care, Christmas and Salah wrappers.
  • Funding comes from CEO there is need for a more sustainable funding strategy to raise funds to care for the kakas.


  • Received a grant of =N=518,000 for World AIDs day Sensitization visits within local schools, HIV training for religious leaders, International Disables day rally with a meeting with the Emir of Kafanchan (Jema'a), training on disability inclusion in HIV work, and First ever Fantsuam Foundation Annual Volunteer Awards. 
  • Fantsuam Held its first Annual Volunteer Awards with the Hakimi's and various community leaders in attendance. 
  • Formulation of a new Strategy supporting trained volunteers to implement community development projects.
  • Introduce more detailed M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation) analysis. 
  • KADP (Kaduna state Agricultural Development Project) Manchok Project: Gaiya & KADP recruited and trained 25 volunteers to assist the agric extension workers in Manchok to increase their capacity to reach the rural farmers.
  • Trained 740 of the targeted 900: (NYSC corp members – 304, Student Nurses – 261, Agric Workers – 123, Retirees, teachers etc – 52); Placed 146 volunteers with various programmes & projects: Sickle Cell Day – 60 volunteers, Soya Bean project -24, IVD activities – 62.


  • Planting of 500 trees and other cash crops: Plantain, Atili, Jathropha, Umbrella, Madaina, Guava and other improved varieties.
  • VSO secures Volunteer for the Attachab project. 
  • Construction of water management system for fish ponds, water storage and collection and irrigation.
  • Received Attachab Development Grant from VSO (£2, 257) for putting up a building, fish farming and water management. 
  • Received Training Grant from from VSO (£500) for training earthen pond fish farmers
  • Inclusive Secure Livelihood Grant from VSO ( £1,700) for setting up Village Health Committee, Disability Audit and Design and Implementation of Disability inclusive farming projects at Attachab


  • Submission of 2 year funding proposal of 11 million to French Embassy for development of Athachab.
  • 2nd year of OD process. Developed Financial policy manual, Staff training policy manual and Equipment replacement policy manual. These are deliverables for Fantsuam in the 2nd year of the OD process.
  • Appointment of Programmes Operations Manager, a gap identified during the OD process.
  • Erection of a building at Zikpak for the rural health Surveillance centre this is in partnership with Michigan State University. The building will be equipped with state of the art laboratory equipment by the Michigan State University.
  •  We have signed up to the National Pension Scheme through Standbic IBTC pension managers.
  • 3 of the VSO volunteers who were key to the OD process have successfully competed their Tenure and have returned to their home Countries.
  • Fantsuam now registered with National Planning Commission, this is a new requirement by the Federal Government of Nigeria.
  • Fantsuam received an Award in Honor of the contributions in the development of cooperative movements in Kaduna state by Kaduna State Cooperative Federation Limited.
  • Pilot Catfish Women processing group was setup, this is the first time Fantsuam is setting up a group business for some of the most disadvantaged in Bayan loco. They were provided with 2 weeks with specially tailored BDS training and now the MFI team now use the new format for training their clients. They received a processing training and a group loan to support their businesses. The entire project was funded by VSO.

FANTSUAM’S PARTNERS Fantsuam is supported widely by national and international NGOs, government organizations and as well as individuals from around the world. This support is crucial in allowing us to achieve our mission. Many of our partners use Fantsuam as a reference organization as we are incredibly proud of our programme delivery success and the ability to use donor’s fund for the maximum impact on our beneficiaries.

International Partners include:

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Dadamac UK

UK Department for International Development (DfID)


EU – INSIDE European Union Inside

Friends of Nigeria

Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Int’l Center for AIDS Care & Treatment Programs (ICAP).

InfoDev, World Bank International Dev Research Centre, Canada (IDRC)

Microsoft Unlimited Potential Partners for Development (PfD)

Peoples Open Access University

SEEP (Small Enterprise Education and Promotion Network)

USAID Nigeria

VSO, Nigeria


Partners In Nigeria include:

Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH)

Civil Society for HIV/AIDS in Nigeria (CiSHAN)

ECWA College of Health Technology, Kagoro Farm Fresh, Jos, Plateau State

Kaduna Agricultural Development Project (KADP)

Kaduna State College of Nursing & Midwifery

MSME Nigeria Project (World Bank)

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)


Rebecca Mbok Foundation

St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Kagoro

Save the Children, Nigeria

University of Jos, Nigeria