Fantsuam's Integrated development

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John has kindly sent me this update about Fantsuam's Foundations' approach to integrated development - as written by Bot Chollom. 

Chollom is himself an integral part of the Zittnett, Fantsuam and the Dadamac team.

" In fulfilment of its Mission to eliminate poverty and disadvantage through INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT programs, Fantsuam ensures that its various programs also compliment each other.

This is the season for each department to work out its programs, work plans and budgets for the next year, and each of the profit making services has pledged to contribute a percentage of its earnings to support the social  non-proft earning services of the Foundation.

It was ZittNet that set the pace by providing 50% subsidy towards the monthly internet bills of the for all the FF departments. This has enabled the departments to make substantial savings. For the next year budget, ZittNet will be the Department to beat with its record subsidy of 50% in its internet costs.

The Academy and Microfinance are now working out what support they can also contribute to the HIV/AIDS, Health Centre and GAIYA (National Volunteering) programs of Fantsuam Foundation."