Developing the Knowledge Resource Centre

Tables for the KRC
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At this week's UK-Nigeria online meeting it was fitting that learning at the Knowledge Resource Centre using Zittnet's enabled internet connection was the main focus.

It was decided by the team that the First Thursday " open" meeting would in future be a focus for the Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) users at Fantsuam Foundation. However, in readiness for this additional computers will need to be sourced. It was suggested that 4 - 5 computers are required and will then need to be "skyped"

The next First Thursday meeting is scheduled for 7th October at 13.00 (NT). The team agreed that photography and video editting would be a good topic to cover for this month.

John Dada's envisages the KRC as being a "learning hub" where " we want the KRC to serve the local community more, we want students to come and access maths and science videos and researchers to come and use the online journals "

The team members were keen to hear from Pam about the Open Access week  and Kelechi went as far as saying that he would like the KRC to have its own Access week in October too. He went on to ask " How can we access resources on Library and knowledge resource management - it would be good to get poeple who have expertise in this field to provide some level of support."

Other topic discussed:

Attachab: 200 plants/tress have now been planted around the new fishpond.