Technical Talk

This week’s online meeting began with a testing technical question. As regular participants will know, we “meet” virtually every week using the Skype networking programme. However, since most cyber cafes lack this facility, the query was raised as to whether we might exclude people by adopting the same format for our monthly First Thursday meetings.

It was therefore suggested that using Yahoo Messenger might be a better option. However the vote from the Fantsuam Foundation was that Skype remained the preferable format for them as well as being easier to log into, it was the most effective alternative for sending files and pictures.

During the course of our meeting, John (I) had noticed that Pam and I had been editing our typos on Skype as we went along. At the close, he asked how we were doing this and we were able to explain the process, sharing that knowledge with the group, This was a good example of shared internet enabled learning - especially as this particular skill was first taught to Pam (UK) by a user in the USA. We are delighted to say it has now been passed on to rural Nigeria!

As the meeting progressed, John Dada was able to inform us that the Nigerian Government had made the “right noises” about “Broadband for Nigeria BB4N”. He did not, however, expect much movement on this issue this side of the Presidential elections. In the meantime we were told that BB4N was receiving heavy coverage in the local press.

Chollom explained to the team that Zittnett were currently trying to connect a house in Anguwan Masara to the FF network. They have recently connected a site at Madakiya which was further away, but had so far been unable to get the wireless signal to Anguwan Masara. Chollom told us he would have to climb the very tall mast at the base station - FF. He was hoping to do this shortly after the meeting before the rain returned. Luckily he said that he had a good head for heights and told us he was looking forward to: “Having the birds pass by closely - and the air there is much cooler!”

Other matters arising from the meeting:

Sickle cell update: The plan is still to build a Sickle cell Centre at FF and photos of similar buildings are being searched for to provide a template. John informed us that research partners at Guys Hospital are developing some funding proposals. In the aftermath of the meeting, and following on from First Thursday meeting which followed 24 hours later, more sickle cell photos were forwarded to us. They will be added to Flickr as soon as my laptop is returned from the repairers.

Attachab: Fishpond going well now. Grasses being planted on the slopes of the pond.

First Thursday Meeting: