Wednesday Meeting

John sent his apologies for this week’s online meeting - but had a very good excuse! For as the UK and Nigeria teams staged their weekly virtual get-together, he was 120 kms away from Kafanchan screening local children for potentially deadly Sickle Cell Disease. However this didn’t stop John contributing to the meeting as he sent an email which gave his input for each of the topics on the agenda. His screening session followed on from the hugely successful UN Sickle cell awareness day held by Fantsuam Foundation last month, and ties in also with the Cohort Pilot Study.

During the meeting, some of the regular Nigeria team came briefly online to let us know that they were in another meeting with an MIS consultant manager. The aim was to discuss key points for deployment of Fantsuam Foundation’s new Software Solution for Microfinance. The UK team were then given a quick update about the JAWS training, with the information that the instruction had started on Monday and would last for 3 weeks.

Discussions between the Fantsuam UK office ( Frances) and Dadamac UK ensued as we are working together to devise a form for writing-up projects. Chollom then provided further details about the network problems that had dogged Fantsuam in previous months, and which he had helped resolve. The UK members were then told about the CISCO certificate and diploma courses which are the basic and advanced computer skills courses in the Community Communication Centre.