Wednesday meeting linking rural Nigeria, UK and Geneva!

Connectivity issues tried to ruin this week's online UK- Nigeria meeting but failed.
I had problems with my laptop, which was being repaired, so was watching the meeting over Pam's shoulder. And the UK were informed that Bala (Zitnett Manager) was continuing to work on the connectivity problem at Fantsuam Foundation.
However, it was John Dada from Geneva who filled us in further, by saying that FF had received a message from their internet provider in the US which said that the problem is not local but at their end...we are all just waiting to hear from the US how near they are close to resolving the issue.

As I mentioned John, despite attending the 13th UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD), in Geneva was able to come online and connect with the UK office and with FF.
Having 'Googled' CSTD I see that in brief it is:

" a functional commission of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

The Commission, established in 1992, provides the General Assembly and ECOSOC with high-level advice on relevant issues related to science and technology, including ICT, through analysis and appropriate policy recommendations or options in order to enable those organs to guide the future work of the United Nations, develop common policies and agree on appropriate actions."

I can think of no one better placed than John to advise on such matters!

Pam also updated the team about her networking this week at
SHINE  - an unconference for social entrepreneurs and at
YouDev. I look forward to reading more about it on Dadamac Posterous at a later date.

Pam and I were able to pass on our appreciation Kelechi's piece for the Association for Progressive Communication about the JAWS initiative at Fantsuam- definitely worth a read.

Before we knew it the hour was up and there was only time to pass on a reminder to Bala about the Thursday Topic meeting about stoves which was planned for the following day.