Google Alert and Sectarian Violence

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I follow our sister organisation Fantsuam Foundation and have just read an alert directing me to an article by John Dada in APC News 

The article is GEM in Hard Times: Sectarian violence in Nigeria can be beaten

(GEM is Gender Evaluation Methodology )

Violence and the status of women

In the article John responds to the sectarian violence in Jos (the nearest city to Fantsuam) viewing it  "through the prism of the expression of disdain, hostility and utter disrespect for women as seen in the recent massacres "


KAFANCHAN, NIGERIA Thursday March 11 (John Dada, Fantsuam Foundation for APC) – Within a space of two months, from January, sectarian strife has ripped through our communities in Jos, Plateau State. The first violence was city-based and left hundreds of persons maimed or killed and livelihoods and homes destroyed. Then reprisal killings took over in the midnight hours of March 7 2010 attacking three rural communities. A mass burial took place the day before yesterday and body counts are close to three hundred with over 80% of them women and children.

It is ironic that in this month of the Celebration of Women’s Day, such atrocities are being visited on innocent women and children.

We had a GEM story of change [stories which illustrate the impact GEM has had on a particular person or community] to share about.....(see the full article at GEM in Hard Times: Sectarian violence in Nigeria can be beaten )

Hope and new life

The article also mentions hope and a new life. For me it brought memories of the births and deaths that I have known during my visits to Fantsuam and was yet another illustration of how deeply Fantsuam Foundation (FF)is embedded in local life. I encourage you to read it.