Africa on the Rebound

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Hope all of you are doing fine.

It has been a long, long time. I have been quite busy with my work.  

Here is something that might be on interest to Dadamac readers. It is an infographic from the Economist magazine which says that sub-Saharan Africa's economy is forecast to grow overall by 4.5% this year. In comparison, economies of countries south of the Sahara together grew by less than 2% in 2009. 

As much as the infographic, it is interesting to read the comments by readers on what this news would mean for Africa. While some have responded that the rate of growth should be higher, others have said that even faster pace of growth would mean nothing for Africa unless it controls its growing population and tackles issues like health and education.

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Hi Vijay. Good to hear from you. 

It is interesting to see what you are reading. I read the article and comments too - food for thought! (Though personally I hate graphs of "percentages of previous year" - I don't think they are very helpful to people like me! and I found the quality of some of the comments depressing).

Sorry you had problems joining us at First Thursday this month. How can we learn from your problems so that other people do not have the same difficulties in future? Please let me know what happened.  Maybe together we can gradually prepare the ideal instructions for people. Perhaps we could do a first draft ready for the April first Thursday. What if we had something about First Thursday in the project drop-down list? It is always 12.00 GMT so "same time, same place".



Hi Pam,

For one, I was having a problem with the Net connection on the First Thursday. And also, to be frank, I just could not connect with the agenda. I felt like a total stranger, groping in the dark.

This is not to belittle the thought and efforts behind First Thursday, but I would ideally like to participate in a lively interaction and exchange of ideas, where I get enriched by the knowledge flow and (try to) enlighten somebody else with whatever little I know. This time, I felt things were getting quite listless. And I hope I am wrong.

For the next chat, can we talk on a couple of topics or more, so that there are enough talking points. A lot of time gets wasted on pleasantries--and before one gets to focus on the topic, the discussion veers off in some other direction. So as an anchor, you might have to take the tough line, and make participants tow the line. 

Let me think up more about First Thursday, and then get back to you in a day or two.




Ref - Let me think up more about First Thursday, and then get back to you in a day or two.

I would really appreciate that. Please make it the subject of a new blog - and feel free to repeat what you have said above. (If you feel at all uncomfortable about launching into a critical blog you can explain what started it.)

Your observations are very helpful, and too good to get buried in a comments trail. I look forward to the blog, our subsequent discussion and practical improvements to the "First Thursday" experience - both for newcomers and for the "regulars".