Permaculture Introductions

I love to introduce people to each other, so now that I am back from the Video Bridge (Streaming Sharing and Learning) workshop I am doing introductions for people with overlapping interests related to permaculture and similar concerns.

Marcus Simmons is our expert on permaculture and Wael Al Saad from the workshop has many interesting ideas which he has written about on Wiser Earth in an article called Co-Create Holistic Green Economy in global Palestine. I've phoned Marcus about Wael and had a Skype chat with Wael about Marcus, and now just need to share their email addresses. Helge Loider also expressed an interest in permaculture (although there is no reference to it on his profile).

I will also tell them about our First Thursday chats in the Minciu Sodas Worknets chat room (details of how to join in) which are focussing on permaculture and related issues of sustainability and appropriate technology at present. The next First Thursday is on February 4th at 12.00 GMT.

Anyone interested in the topics is welcome to join in.



My vision actually is to network Palestinian through unified hybrid trademark inline with grassroots green open enterprise. But still far to start strategic discussion on this path in the real world. My engagement is now with Marda Permaculture Farm and here we have good contact with API >

I am very interested for the topic open-source natural-building-architecture. I think it is the basic to develop bottom up large scale change lyes in design of modular green ecosystem of production estate/or cell. A space which integrates low-tech agro-manufacturing practices, green production lines, handcraft workshops, arts ateliers, social room, .. We can seed this cell in several rural areas, network them and globally supports its economics or participate in, A tacts to bring the global movement and its effect together.I would love to chat with world-architects if possible about this idea/tactics for collective change and developing synergy and progressive commons.

My story is that I spend many years thinking about how can a collective process for changing the world take place by designing an intellgent seed, can be planted and grow every where .. and connect these seed together. I came to the cells-cluster concept based on holistic healing green economy, where to offer people/masses new poisition in live where they can be part of new economic body. New medium for cycles of exchange twine humanity and ecology n a way they support each other. This body will bring the human to stimulate his awaken intellgeance and be part of global dynamic, where communities can produce needs, help other communities to get their needs and get their help to cover wants. It is a path to liberate humanity from frommercenary economy and devlop enviornment for free-human economy connect him to his ecology and community.