Monitoring air and water quality

Hi Vijay

I am so pleased you have started to come to the worknets chat room for our meetings on the first Thursdays of the month and that you are getting to know my friend and teacher Andrius Kulikauskas.

I noticed that you mentioned your project to him  - where you said  " right now i am working on a project monitoring air and water quality in Indian cities and towns:: the idea of this project is to empower citizens with crucial information about air and water quality (24x7)". (Andrius copied to the Holistic Helping group what you said in the chat room, and I am copying it later to add context.)

I am reminded of a conversation I had earlier this year with someone who was interested in monitoring air quality in London. However as it is not one of my key interests I did not note it down and now I am not be certain whose interest it was.

My first thought is that it might have been Andy B - so I will contact him for you and see if it was him (or perhaps someone he knows). I have written about your interest here because it pulls the information together, and even if Andy doesn't know... well... writing it up here may prove useful in finding someone with an overlapping interest.

Information below is taken from Andrius' email to the yahoo group Holisitc Helping (you may need a yahoo ID to be able to view the holistic helping group link). Holistic Helping is one of the yahoo groups in Andrius Kulikauskas'  Minciu Sodas (Lithuanian for Orchard of Thoughts). Each yahoo group is a bit like a tree in the orchard, and they all have roots into the worknets wiki.


Andrius wrote:

Yesterday at our chats I signed up Vijay Srinivas for Pamela McLean's
working group Learning From Each Other. (See our transcripts at: )

Fri, 04 Dec 09 05:45:55 +0000 Vijay: Hi Andrius, It was great chatting
with you on worknets yesterday. I remember you told me that you have
created a page for me to start learners group on food security (This is
what I understood). Could you please give me the link..Also please give
me your preferred email id..

Here is a page for Vijay:
and a page for food security
and some entries below. And my email is ms@...

Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, ms@...,


Vijay's blog at

I am from Delhi, India

it is a great feeling to be watch so many people from different
nationalities talking about problems and solutions that are common to
all of us

* DeepestValue=Spread cheer and confidence: to feel connected, to forge
that connection with one and all in this world.
* Dream= My dream is to spread happiness and cheer among people, and
make the world an oasis of plenty and peace. I would love to be close to
nature. My dream is never to depend on a typical job and follow my


Andrius, in simple terms, I want to be an enabler for people across the
world to solve their diverse problems. :: from food, water to education
and livelihoods :: I told Pam that I wanted to do something in FOOD
SECURITY :: Do u think worknets and Dadamac can work together on issues
like food security and livelihoods :: right now i am working on a
project that monitors air and water quality in Indian cities and towns
:: the idea of this project is to empower citizens with crucial
information about air and water quality (24x7)

I hope we find someone else who shares your interest Vijay. Perhaps you will also share more about your own project either here, or in one of your own blogs


Open Letters: 


Hi Pam, Thanks for the mail. And sorry for responding late. It feels good to be a part of worknets, although I must admit that I have not done much after the initial burst. I would like to share with some details of the project that I am helping as a consultant (communications and outreach).

The project is an Online Pollution Map, being developed at the Centre for Development Finance (CDF), Chennai, in south India. It endeavours to support more meaningful tracking of environmental change by creating a repository on (air and water) pollution monitoring to capture and disseminate data to civil society in a systematic and user-friendly manner.

The pollution map initiative will capture information about location of pollution sensors/monitors and link it to data accessed through various government and private agencies, so that the spatial distribution of pollution can be visually represented. Further, information about air and water pollution and other forms of point-source and non-point source pollution will be presented with data on socio-economic and development indicators to portray problematic scenarios and highlight gaps in information.

The visual presentations shown by the map would add value to the data that is currently in less digestible form of excel spreadsheets, while the website’s data download facility would also make data available for further analysis. In due course, the map would enable both government and citizens to understand the pollution loads in the local environment prioritize actions to reduce pollution levels and improve environmental quality.

We are planning to launch the map for public view in January. We also hope to tie up with other NGOs and CSOs in developing the map further. Ultimately the aim is to have a map that can provide 24x7 information about pollution loads in various Indian cities and towns. 

CDF would be happy to look collaborations with like-minded organisations and individuals.

Hope I gave you and others some idea about this project.




Hi Vijay

I am thinking how we make your information about the Online Pollution Map as visible as possible. (Like you I am still getting the feel for how information flows through - adn teh best place to put things).

I think the Online Pollution Map would be more visible as the start of a new bog topic - rather than simply being a comment someway down an existing blog. (If you click on a link to your name, and then click to see all your recent blogs you will probably see what I mean).

I think you probably have the editing power to repost the Online Pollution Map comment as a new blog and delete it from here. (I think my comment will get deleted at the same - but that does not matter).