Last Wednesday Meeting of 2009!

Yesterday saw the last scheduled meeting of 2009 between the UK-Nigeria team.

The main item on the agenda was to thank everyone for their continued commitment to these meetings and for all their hard work during the past year.


We also wanted to reflect on the successes we had shared and explore together any aspects of our collaboration which might be improved upon in the coming year. We also hoped to clarify what should be our first objectives togeher for the New Year.


In the event, the meeting departed from its usual Skype format involving all members together because of technical difficulties which caused a time delay between the UK and Nigeria. However, the UK  team was able to meet as usual and to go through the agenda items together. This main meeting was supported by sms messages, emails and individual Skypes to our colleagues in Nigeria. One advantage of using Skype is that usually the messages will eventually be seen by all. Let's hope that is the case here!


All that remained for us, then, was to wish each other the compliments of the season and to agree the date of the first meeting of 2010, which will take place on Wednesday January 13th.


A particularly pleasing development today was that Pam and I were at last able to meet face-to-face with Cicely, the VSO MSME Development officer at Fantsuam. She usually attends these meetings from Nigeria but has returned to the UK for the holiday period.

While we were together, Cicely learned a very pleasing piece of news. She had recently put up information about the urgent need for a replacement vehicle for Fantsuam on the Dadamac Foundation page at Bmycharity. Yesterday it was confirmed that, with the help of her friends, she has raised an additional £215 towards this essential transportation.

In the meantime, may I take this opportunity to send my own compliments to everyone at this special time of year - and that you all enjoy the festivities!