Learning and resources

Hi Vijay

I've been been thinking about my ongoing learning journey over the weekend, and wrote about the thinking behind Dadamac Learners

Resources - including some for you

I've also started to collect up some resources  including two articles I saw today which may be of interest to you.

I think this one has something of "the feel" of being involved in activities at Fantsuam (but I have only skim read the very beginning). Mechanics vs. motivation: The two faces of social innovation   It seems to capture the energy and enthusiasm of doing things - and the desire people have to be part of that.

The other is a NiemanJournalismLab article about NGOs and use of the Internet I think it has some relevance to how Dadamac is helping Fantsuam Foundation to become more visible through the Internet (but you have to search quite hard to recognise the relevance). In some ways it also ties in with your interest in virtual organisations. I suggest you read it thinking about our previous discussion  of 20th century organisations and 21st century organisations. 

I think they may be useful background reading for you, in terms of understanding more about the online environment in which we are working, and our belief that there are people "out there" who do want to connect with grass-roots realities - so we need to find ways to connect with them and help them to connect with Dadamac's local networks in Africa.

I'd be interested to know what you think


Open Letters: 


Thanks Pam for the articles.

I have read the first one (Mechanics vs Motivation), which says that passion for a cause makes the journey of a social entrepreneur more meaningful than anything else--business models, graphs, metrics.

Like the author, I find the mechanical approach a total turn-off. If there is no heart, passion and energy in a project, it does not mean much, even if it creates some buzz in terms of numbers, quantities and metrics.

To me, unless a project or a cause touches the people that it intends to help, it cannot term itself successful. People, their stories, and their lives--these are the only things which should matter in a social project (for-profit and not-for-profit). The other things (like money, resources and models) inevitably follow the heart, depending on the intensity of the energy and passion.

Will read the other article and comment.