Week ending Dec 3rd

So much happening, so little time to write.

Streaming Learning and Sharing

Last Thursday, November 29th. Franz Nahrada held a skype planning meeting for the January video bridge, Streaming Learning and Sharing workshop http://twurl.nl/hlkeqy. I was there with other participants. it was our first online meeting.

Developing Technologies

Friday, November 30th - Meeting with Femi Longe (Africa Plus Plus and New Ideas for Africa)and Ron Bridges (www.developing technologies.org) at City University. That meeting ties in with our recycling plastic project.


Friday mornings is Tuttle club - so I called in on my way to the meeting with Ron and Femi, saw a few people I know and got useful advice from Andy Broomfield regarding work I need to do on Dadamac.net.

Ideas for Africa

Friday early evening - to UnLtd as Femi had asked some Ideas for Africa people to meet him there to discuss what might happen to the group while he is away (leaving for Nigeria on Monday).

Philanthropic Finance

On Saturday - Philanthropic Finance conference #socent http://bit.ly/7fTV9S was in my diary but it was postponed.

UK-Nigeria online meeting

Wednesday is our weekly UK-Nigeria Skype meeting. See Nikki's blogs for regular news of them.

Business Fights Poverty

Business Fights Poverty had a session on Fight Climate Change and Poverty http://twurl.nl/ld4yy2 These sessions usually clash with my teaching commitments but I was able to get to this one. It's always intriguing for me to hear things from the perspective of big business. I learn a lot, and often meet interesting people as well.


I certainly met interesting people yesterday - I hope to blog in the future practical follow-up. The networking aspect fo what I do presents me with another challenge for Dadamac.net. I am looking for the most effective way to share with others the useful networking that I am able to do. But I need to make the informaion sharing as easy as possible. I was discussing this with Nikki today, and we have some half formed ideas now - but we need to check them out with techie people.  Maybe we should start a techie wish-list somewhere at dadamac.net. 

First Thursday

Today was the First Thursday of December - so time for my usual "at home" on the Internet. as usual I didn't know if anyone would drop by. I had to go out before hand and so i'd asked Nikki to go to First Thursday in case I was delayed. Then she could welcome anyone who arrived before me.

It happened that Vijay started to chat with me on google while I was logging on to the chat room and also checking my emails - so I asked him to come over to the First Thursday chat room. Nikki (UK) and Andrius Kulikauskas (Lithuania) were already there and a newcomer Kola from Nigeria arrived about the same time as Vinay (India) and me (UK). Gradually more arrived.

We had a good mix of people there and just about the right number. Not too many  - so we could welcome people and get to know each other and also touch on a few topics in some detail. 

In theory I only stay for one hour - but I found it hard to drag myself away even after two hours today.

Improving the site

All the time, whatever I am doing, I am thinking about how I can make things work differently here at Dadamac.net so it will be easier for contributors to share information effectively. For instance - adding links - there must be an easier and more automatic way to have them easily to hand to feed into blog entries - for now I just ask forgiveness for the links that are missing.

Good intentions

Next week I will try to blog as I go along - or at least move further in that direction. Tomorrow Marcus and I plan to meet at Tuttle for a catch-up now he is back from Nigeria - but that is only part of a full day away frorm my laptop (and I still have to do other follow up from yesterday and earlier) so no promises about getting his feedback written up straight away. However, gradually I hope to make more of what we are all doing in Dadamac visible here at dadamac.net.