Renewable energy initiatives

Hi Vijay

I enjoyed reading your blog. it seems that we do share the same concerns and have similar ideas.  The ideas of technology transfer and of investing in renewable energy initiatives are dear to my heart (and got some mention in my blog "Pam - we want street lights") so I was interested to read about the President of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed, and especially his comments that:

The Western countries cannot ask "dynamically fast developing" countries like India not to produce or consume energy in order to control carbon emissions. The better option for the rich countries is to invest in renewable energy initiatives and facilitate transfer of technology to developing countries.

Similar ideas also featured in a 21st Century Network Meet-up that I recently attended in London. It was called Climate Change - Involving The Big Players. The speakers were presenting ideas related to investment in sustainable technologies, and in projects that would not show a quick financial return, but would be valuable in the long term.

Sustainable technologies are also a recurring theme in our UK-Nigeria team meetings, and in related convesations (voice and emails) that I have with various people. A few recent ones come to mind:

  • A wood burning stoves project at Fantsuam Foundation
  • Exploration of using solar power to charge phones (involving people at several locations in UK and several locations in Nigeria) 
  • Exploration of using other solar powered artifacts
  • Exploration of "domestic solar" (power in a suitcase)
  • Skype update yesterday with Stewart Craine of BarefootPower -  Fantsuam Foundation would like to get invovled with this project as part of its SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) programme, but needs an investor to launch the project.

I wonder if technology transfer for sustainable development is an area of shared interest that we could start to work on together here at What do you think?


Open Letters: 



I think working on technology transfer on sustainable development is a good idea. Tell me how we should go about it..


I am not sure how we move forward on this yet - we will decide together. I need to find out from you what your interests are related to technology transfer and sustainable development. Your interests will help to set the direction and define the boundaries. I guess we are looking for things where there will be relevance both to India and to Africa.  

Also we need to be clear on our purpose for putting in effort on this topic - ie who will collect/generate information on this topic, and who do we imagine will want to see it?

I would iike our information to be very practical and specific - although of course it can link to wider discussions and sources of information. For instance - Samwel is looking for information on sustainable fishing - fish-farming.

There are various projects (present and planned) at Fantsuam that relate to sustainable development. Maybe we should just gradually discuss them - or you may prefer to start wtih project you know in India and I can let you  know if there is overlap with FF.

I want to collect up information here so that people come to the site and can rummage through it and get an idea of who is doing what. I guess that is part of the key regarding 'the audience" - it is largely about letting people know what other people are doing so they can get to know each other and rub minds. I see our site as more about telling people's stories, so they can connect with each other. It is not about trying to create great database of information - there are lots of well-funded sites doing that kind of thing. I think we are much  more person to person, and enabling people to learn form each other and share experience. 

Does that make sense? Any help as a starting point?