A Clearer Picture

My reply to Pam.

Hi Pam

Thanks for the long reply and please convey my thanks to Andy for his thoughts on how the open letter section should look and feel.

Over the past five hours, I have not been able to open the site. So I had no other choice but to take a look at the cached versions of the site (which takes time to download).

Anyway, to move on with things, I decided to keep hustling into the site through the cache versions and read whatever I could lay my eyes on.

The silver lining in this story is that I got a good hang of how the Dadamac community links up to the Fantsuam Foundation in a partnership that could open new vistas in collaboration and knowledge networks. And I would love to take part in shaping the roadmap along with you, Andy, Ryan and many others in your team.

I also read one of your blogs which gave me a good overview of the philosophy, vision and work done by FF. So I am reasonably clear about the roles played by Dadamac and FF in this collaboration. I plan to read up more about Open Knowledge and Learners as well as understand how the community pitches in for any particular project. So, hopefully, I will have a lot of questions that will help me understand the Dadamac Dynamics better..

Here's a thought which I probably mentioned in my first post. The clairvoyant in me seems to think that a lot of action on Dadamac will be driven by audio, image and video posts (we will have to make sure that their weight doesn't clog the site). This will make the site livelier, but it will require a lot of moderation on the part of the webmaster.

To sign off for today, I happened to read a Guardian article carried by the Indian newspaper The Hindu about an Indian scientist who has done pioneering work in the field of ICT for primary education. His name is Dr Sugata Mitra and he is Professor of Educational Technology at the Newcastle University (Northern England). It would be good to have him help FF in some of its education initiative.

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