New Foundations for Hiv/Aids and Rural Connectivity at Fantsuam

Thanks to VSO volunteer Cicely for this news from our partner organisation Fantsuam foundation.

This week Fantsuam has started work on three new construction projects at its Bayan Loco compound in Kafanchan, Kaduna State.


Fantsuam partner ICAP will be providing food items as part of its nutritional support programme for people living with HIV/AIDS.  The new store will ensure that supplies are kept fresh and secure for maximum benefits to recipients.  It is also intended that the store will serve as a pilot for grain storage programmes to help agricultural microfinance clients make better use of seasonal fluctuations by storing produce when prices are high, rather than selling all when the market is depressed.

Day 1 and the foundations are dug.By day 2 the wall is going up quickly in the new grain store and canteen


The Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF) of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) this year selected Fantsuam Foundation to provide one of 109 rural Community Communications Centre.  Under the award, Fantsuam and its ISP subsidiary ZittNet will be extending its Bayan Loco premises to offer internet browsing for the local community supported by a significant extension of its Community Learning Centre (CLC) ICT school to create a new generation of internet- and computer-literate users.  ZittNet will also be boosting the coverage of its ISP services to build and support entrepreneurs in southern Kaduna State to set up ICT based businesses such as cyber cafes.

Foundations are being dug to extend Fantsuam’s existing reception and microfinance officethe security hut is located by the new main entrance for the Foundation.


Lunch at Fantsuam Foundation before the canteenThe developments have required the relocation of toilets and the security post. Whilst rebuilding these, the Foundation has taken the opportunity to construct a canteen for its staff.