Introducing Dadamac

The Dadamac Team Blog brings updates on who we are, what we are doing, and how you can get involved.

We are based in Africa and the UK, and could not exist as Dadamac without the Internet. The Dadamac team in Africa is led by John Dada in Bayan Loco, Kafanchan (a rural location in North Central Nigeria). The UK team is led by Pamela (Pam) McLean in London. Now we are more visible on the Internet and we are setting up online stuctures that will make it easier for new people to join our team.

You can connect with the Dadamac team through Dadamac Foundation, Dadamac Limited, Dadamac OK (Open Knowledge) and Dadamac Learners:

  • Dadamac Foundation is our volunteering, fundraising and philanthropy
  • Dadamac Limited is for hiring Dadamac's knowledge and networks
  • Dadamac Learners is where we help each other to learn
  • Dadamac OK (Open Knowledge) enables projects by sharing knowledge openly

To find out more explore our website or email

Our combined team has developed over many years, through friendships and practical collaboration. Our collaboration has been possible because we have been determined that Dadamac people would keep in contact via the Internet, even when the Nigerian people were in rural locations and the only Internet connections were in the big cities.