Nicola Fishman (Nikki) RGN, RSCN. PTTLS

Nikki was with Dadamac from 2008, but had to reduce her involvement in 2013to give more time to Collage-network - see her blog Adieu for now! and Pamela's response Appreciating Nikki, collaboration, Collage and Dadamac

However, Nikki returned at the end of 2014 -to date, having been active in community projects in Croydon to work on developing Dadamac Foundation.

The Early Days

A mutual contact suggested in 2008 that Pamela and Nikki should meet to discuss overlapping interests and the two first worked together on the Pyramid of Peace. It was at this time that Nikki was instrumental in re-organising the charity CAWD into Dadamac Foundation.

When Pamela needed help for Dadamac Limited Nikki seemed the obvious choice. She got to know the background and structures and how things worked.

Nikki’s role in Dadamac Foundation developed to reflect her particular interests. For example none of the information we gathered relating to Sickle cell and the HIV/AIDS projects would have been collected without Nikki. She is hoping others will come forward to help with the task and to collect similar information on other projects we want to promote - and to be “ambassadors”. (There is a lot of room for more volunteers in Dadamac Foundation)

Nikki’s role in the Dadamac Ltd UK office was complementary to her work with Dadamac Foundation. Both used her knowledge of Dadamac people, structures and systems. As in Dadamac Foundation, her Dadamac Ltd role developed around the skills and interests she brought from her wider life experience.

Nikki's blog covered the weekly Dadamac UK-Nigeria team meetings held online.

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